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               Head's up on craniosacral. Photo by Yuri ArcursHealthy Spine St George Chiropractor

Daoud Arikian  N.D.,           

Jean Rudd  


Firstly, my personal belief is that Medical Doctors have a valuable part to play in the health and well-being of people today.  Specialists have now obtained such technology and knowledge in repairing the human body and their dedication is unsurpassed.  When both Medical and Natural Doctors are able to work in conjunction with one another, then I feel much can be achieved, as they will not feel so pressured to work with prescription drugs to relieve symptoms.

Good health does not just happen. You must also take an active role. 

  • Our bodies were designed with natural mechanisms to restore a damaged area and to maintain an overall state of optimum health.  There is only damage to the body to the extent that the body is unable to repair itself.    It doesn’t matter if the problem is a chronic degenerative condition, trauma, childhood obesity, ADHD, a neurological problem or any other type of disease.  The body has the ability to heal itself if proper balance can be restored.

We are two Professional Practitioners who still treat each person as an individual with their own specific traumas to be treated.  No two people are alike, and no two people experience pain or trauma in the same way, which is why symptoms can appear quite different from one person to the next, although emanating from the same area of the body.   

We treat the person as a whole not just the point that appears to be creating the

problem.  Often the problem is created from a different part of the body from the location of the pain.

Analogy :  Imagine a pebble, thrown into a pond;

   Ripples occur and radiate out from the point of impact; where the pebble dropped into the water.  

By taking the pebble from the pond, it would remove the pebble, but would not remove the effect of the ripples, which occurred on impact of the pebble hitting the water. 

Also, another ripple effect that would occur upon removing the pebble from the pond.

The ripples are the micro-traumatic effect from the pebble’s impact into the water. Your body is similar, partially because we are mostly water and soft tissue.  

At the point of any injury or trauma experienced in the body, the effects from this can be similar to the analogy just mentioned;   Daoud Arikian uses Cranio-Sacral Treatment which will combat chronic pain by eliminating the root cause of it’s occurrence.  It does this by directly targeting and healing it’s micro-traumatic effected area. 

CHRONIC PAIN is caused by small ‘micro-traumas’ placed on your muscles and joints from seemingly harmless, everyday actions.  Innocent little tasks like bending down to pick something up or leaning over to grab something. An incorrect posture, twisting or exercising, even lifting.   The simple task or raising your arms, and believe it or not, even walking!

While each may not cause instant pain, just the repetition of those actions can.  What can be even worse is when you perform these seemingly harmless tasks in a way that your body is not adjusted or equipped to handle them….it places additional stress and tension on your muscles and joints. .

  • JOINT PAIN –  this treatment works by taking the joint through it’s full range of motion, flooding the area with soothing Synovial Fluid and guaranteeing it’s full lubrication.
  • MUSCULAR PAIN –  again, this treatment works to correct the micro-traumatic effects by keeping the major muscle groups at their correct length (when the muscles are  over-stretched, inflammation of that area, and chronic pain, is the natural result).

We are Practitioners of Therapies that we have found work incredibly well and often; miraculous results happen.  Both Therapies are non invasive, relaxing and totally life enhancing.  From minor accidents to major physical injuries, mental, and emotional problems.  We believe in a Holistic Approach, and treat each person as a unique individual with individual needs and healing requirements. Jean and Daoud

  We are happy to work in conjunction with your own GP or Specialist where necessary.

Daoud (David) Arikian

I studied over many years and achieved many certifications, diplomas and doctorate in Natural Healing.   I am told my method of healing is unique as I have been gifted with abilities beyond the realm.    (My qualifications and experience can be read in this site under  Daoud Arikian).

I am able to scan my client’s entire body whilst merely cupping the palm of my hands gently under their head.  

I have a thorough knowledge of the anatomy and physiology and a unique and gifted ability to be able to connect deeply whilst in treatment; so far down in fact,  I am able to connect to the client’s Cellular level, which is similar to the hard drive of a computer. This enables me to trace client’s problems as far back as the date of conception in their mother’s womb.

Often the problems we carry go as far back as the Mother’s Womb, or during birth, and together with the bumps and traumas we endure during our growing years, our body learns to re-adjust and cope until finally, as we get older, all these traumas start to become too much for the body to cope with, as the trauma still remains in the cellular structure.

I can detect most traumas or problems you have, and can also confirm with the client the approx year they happened.

Most of my clients will feel the release and the healing happening during their treatment.  They will feel their body moving either internally or externally where ever the traumas is.

  • Specialists, Doctors, Practitioners and business persons or general public, both men and women, will often comment,  ” No other practitioner has ever been able to help relieve pain or restricted movement so quickly and effectively  “.

As well as treating babies, children and adults, I have also worked with a variety of animals, wild and domestic, throughout my many years in practice.  In particular, Racing Horses and Dressage Horses, as they often sustain diaphragm restrictions  and muscular stresses during their training.

Throughout the world I have attended emergencies, helped African tribes, treated Dignitaries and Celebrities, and in some helpless cases, I have given relief to the dying.   Many years ago whilst living in Wellington NZ, some members of the “All Blacks” would have regular checks after games.

I am now in semi-retirement, however I still continue to practice and be on call.   Clients will travel from the UK, USA, NZ and Europe for my treatments in pain, disease and injury.

Jean Rudd

I studied nursing in NZ  during my teenage years, however became successful in Secretarial and Business Management whilst traveling NZ, England and Australia before settling in Sydney and embarking on my most difficult task of all; that of rearing my 3 children, unfortunately, mostly on my own.  As every mother knows, it is no holiday nurturing and teaching children 24/7 to become independent adults.   I continued to work part time in the Business sector then as a Council Carer for children.   Later I spent some time working in aged care nursing before moving north to my present address where I found my passion in natural health and healing.

I was blessed to be introduced to Reiki by a very wonderful friend and neighbor, (Barbie) Louisa Dunn, whom I will be forever grateful.  She handed me her Reiki tape, with basic instructions on self healing.  Finding time between children, property maintenance, the pets, horses/cows, chickens and whatever creature that seemed to make its way onto my property in need of care, I found any extra time was indeed limited.

After following the Reiki instructions, with my one and only piece of crystal – a slither of clear opaque Agate, which I placed at my throat for good measure;   Half an hour into my treatment of  Reiki, my friend  Barbie popped in to see how I was going.

       The Opaque Agate upon my Throat Chakra had turned royal blue.

As you can imagine I was totally astounded with this unbelievable event, as was my friend Barbie;   This I believe,  was to be the catalyst for me to enter into the world of  natural/spiritual healing. The Agate returned to its natural opaque colour by the next day.   Barbie, in her great wisdom introduced me to her Reiki Master, Naida.

Naida Watkins then became my Reiki Master.  Naida endured many years teaching and training me to her professional standards, which was a task in itself as she has very high standards in her teaching training, and I became part of the Usui lineage of Reiki Senai Masters.

My sincere thanks to Naida, I could not have asked for a better teacher or more compassionate and sincere lady.

Reiki has enriched my life and my children in so many ways over the 15 years.    Reiki has also worked wonderfully with domestic and wild animals and I have been thankful to have been able to rescue many over the years.

With animals I have found that the Reiki works exceedingly fast.  On one occasion a friend’s horse was suffering from colic.  She was laying down so I managed to help her up on her feet as she would have surely died if she had remained laying for much longer.  Her temperature was so high water was streaming down her neck and under her belly.  She was trembling so badly I was supporting her up whilst trying to give her Reiki, that in itself was a difficult task as she was so unsteady on her feet and somewhat larger than me.  Within 15minutes of administering Reiki to her, her temperature went down, she stopped sweating and her trembling abated.  She then ambled away and started grazing again.

This was the first of many occasions to have used Reiki with a horse, and at the time I was totally amazed with the speed of recovery, as was her owner.

I have since attended workshops in Radionics, Crystal Therapy, Aurasoma, Sound Therapy, Psychometry and more recently Holistic Pranic Healing by Peter Nai, the man who introduced the Therapy into Australia.

Learning Psychometry was very easy for me as it was something I have always done since childhood but never knew there was a name for it.

I am also a Medical Intuitive  which means that I have also been blessed with the gift to be able to see beyond the physical during healing sessions; always working with Universal Light (also referred to as God’s energy).

As well as working from home and Healing Clinics, I have  worked in  Cancer Clinics and more recently studied as a TC Counselor.

We are stockists for:

  • -     Homeopathic remedies,
  • -     Bark Flower Remedies,
  • -     Magnesium,
  • -     Serra Enzyme (Serrapeptase)
  • -     Bio Astin (Natural Astaxanthin)
  • -     Iodine (drops)
  • -     Vitamin B12
  • -     Vitamin C

Distributors for :

Wenatex - Sleep/Health/Science

“The Sleep System”  Orthopedic Silver Med – this is a complete, unique and  Holistic Sleep Wellbeing.

The use of SilverMed fibre and silver zeolite creates a wide range of positive properties resulting in refreshing, healthy sleep; silver in the sleep system h as a permanent effect – it is antibacterial and germ resistant, antimicrobial, anti-static, hypoallergenic, breathable, climate-regulating and odor preventing.  Fully complies with orthopedic standards but also meets the highest level of hygiene.   For more information please contact us.

Nutrition Care

Nutrition Care
A full range of drug free, alcohol free, Practitioner prescribed only due to the high potency which are unique, specialized supplements, clinically proven, contain biochemically balanced ingredients, inexpensive and effective health care products.  They are made in a TGA Licensed pharmaceutical and GMP approved facility.

Nutrition Care’s NEW liquid herbal extract range offers distinct advantages to health practitioners. Nutrition Care Liquid Herbs

  • Alcohol free
  • No added refined sugars or glycerine
  • Free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and preservatives
  • Pleasant tasting
  • GIT friendly
  • Cost effective

The absence of ethanol in liquid herbal formulations means they can now be prescribed to individuals where ethanol is regarded as inappropriate; i.e. infants, children, elderly, religious groups or those ethically opposed to alcohol; as well as individuals suffering from ill health conditions such as sensitivities within the gastrointestinal (GIT) tract, liver diseases, alcoholism and other conditions within the body that may be aggravated from the use of ethanol. A further advantage for the use of non-ethanol herbal extracts means they can be used in professions where alcohol is 100% restricted, i.e. emergency services.

Paradise Nutrients

Natural Minerals, supplements, hair and Skin Care, Animal Care and Home and Garden

US Naturals Products    (used in the Santa Monica Cancer Clinic)

  • -     Plant Derived Soluble Minerals  (Pleasant tasting Prehistoric Plant Life fizzy tabs)
  • -     Liquid Oxygen
  • -     Joint Care  (Care and support for Joint and Cartilage and Bone Density)
  • -     Coral Calcium (easy absorbed in tablet form)

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